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Rustic Backyard Cabin Wedding

Rustic Backyard Cabin Wedding Posted on 12/04/20171 Comment

Hello friends! Let me just start with saying that the wedding day was so special for James and I. It was a week of such fun! and we agree it went by so fast, but thankfully we have these precious photos to keep forever. Later I will do a post on how we pulled off our wedding for the DIY types. We found that so much of the joy from a wedding is about who goes to it! We spent a weekend with our best friends and family… It was just a perfect combination of persons who really love us. 

photography by We the Wild

Our private session:
We climbed around the mountainside known as “Inspiration Point”. I knew this would be a great place for us because the light always hits it just right, and boy was that exactly the case! James loves this part of Idyllwild too since there are boulders everywhere! The area has so much to see and it really feels special to us as a couple. I guess what I’m trying to say is…We love these photos!

Our ceremony:
We planned a unity pour of beer for our ceremony behind the cabin in a shady area that sits underneath Taquitz Peak. The crowd stood and watched as we exchanged vows. And cheered when we poured our beers, but really, that all went by so fast! I couldn’t believe how smoothly everything went – for some reason I thought I’d forget how to read or speak! (I guess that is the stress that comes from planning a wedding just you and your mother). Once I got up there, I felt excited and all of that anxiety just melted away, but I definitely see why people get the wedding jitters!
Fun fact: A buck walked by while we exchanged vows – which is not a surprise, but still a good omen! Also, James asked his grandfather to bring his red Beatle up to the mountain and let us use it as our getaway car. Grandpa and Arlene decorated the car in just the perfect way! When James and I got into the car we were like rockstars or something, and everyone was hollering happily at us. And then as we drove off, the whole town went nuts when they saw us in that car. James and I felt so grateful to get this awesome car for a couple hours.
vendors: dish it out catering/ we the wild productions / kite and butterfly / idyllwild bake and brew / david jerome /

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