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June Lake in the Summertime

June Lake in the Summertime Posted on 08/31/2017Leave a comment

If you know me, you probably know that I do not post in real-time. I like it that way, even if it’s laggadocious (not a word, Ruby).

Yes, back in July, we took my graduation money and went to June Lake, Mono County.  I needed that trip. Up to that point, I was growing as a woman, musician, and enjoying my new freedom. But, ultimately that turned into laziness even if it was well-deserved laziness*. I told James and he suggested we mix it up. I was too cozy playing music while drinking wine in front of the AC at home. Sometimes I feel the need to interact with the outside world…literally. There’s that call to nature! James’ suggestion was just perfect, as we know how to remedy our indifference with rivers, rocks, and dirt.

“God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt!” – AJJ

June came in the midst of July – and goodness gracious, that lake is spectacular! When we first arrived to the campsite at June Lake we saw a sign that said, “No Vacancy”, but I was on a mission! Seemed like bs to me so we turned around to investigate. Sure enough, three families were leaving that day… check out was at noon and it was 8AM! Just a half hour later, we saw the first family leave … then the second… Before I knew it, we were drinkin’ beers and hanging upside down on our picnic bench. Our campsite was so beautiful with the mountains and road behind us – the lake just over the bush in front of us. It was a secluded, spacious little home for that time.

A number of hilarious things would happen that week but I nearly stopped breathing when this man and his toddler came zipping down the mountain with her on his back. She was wrapped up in a little white onsie and she looked like a starfish with all her limbs out in the air. They were hauling ass! There’s no sweet way of sayin’ it!


Breakfast is always soyrizo and eggs. We keep it consistent and we love it. The cutest thing that happened this trip was Barley’s reaction to the water… He was curious enough to jump in – but he belly flopped! As you can see in the pictures above, he’s a little shadow and he does whatever we do! 

We spent most days scheduled – sort of. Mornings, we eat and jetboil our coffee. Head out to hike and climb before the heat sets in (a super bust because you just slip on the rocks). Get home, drink beers for lunch. Afternoon sight-hike (or not), then make it back for a sunset sesh on the lake. Note: Sunset is my favorite time to swim because no one is around, the colors are heavenly, and the water is warmest from an entire day of being in the sun. So – its sort of my tradition that sunsets are for the water. I recommend you try it out! One downer to ‘June is that umm… as nature would have it, the bugs here are GNARLEY. At least for me, I was bit over 20 times. In the photo below I spot five bites. Since I swelled up in certain muscular spots, James made up a comic hero narrative for me: “She was bitten by thousands of mosquitos…and overnight her biceps grew…her DNA then mutated and in the morning she becamame… Venom Girl (she has a stinger and huge biceps).”

Oh, and about that SWING. Yes – I did it. And I’m oh so thankful that everyone gotta good laugh out of that because I almost died the first time! Not sure what happened with that, but I landed way too close to the rocks just under the swing.

More flops of mine usually occur on boulders. But Hartley Springs just supplies me with tastey little climbs that I enjoy. James enjoyed the first few climbs of the trip, too.

This was our first big trip with the RAV4 James got me and it handled everything swell! That thing can go off road just fine, and has room for my luggage. I’m not a light camper, even when I try to be… So this car really made me happy in June Lake.  I added some cute starlights to the inside so that those dark nights can feel cozy – and hey, if James bumps his head less on the inside of the window, then that’s cool also!

The next day we did it again: Breakfast, hiked around the crag at June Lake, nutrient-rich beers, and my ‘ol pal Vince met up with us for another sunset session on the lake and S’MORES! That night, Vince pulled out the whiskey and we listened to country music around the fire, and a fuzzy feeling sure started comin’ on! It was so fun.

Can you say yummy? James hates chocolate but hey, every once in awhile I’ll eat dessert alone.

One day we took a trip to Horseshoe Lake, which is a beautiful dog beach with great views. There is, however, a secret little path – all incline – which takes you to an even better view. McLeod Lake… OH MY GOD. I’m hooked. I went into the freezing water, I just love water…but when we tried to put Barley in, he had a tantrum. In the pictures below you can see Barlini is a total grump, oh and there’s my one hundred mosquito bites, again! Put a camera in James’ hands and who knows what you’ll get…”shaka, bruhhh”

Speaking of my camera being hard to use… It’s not. But I can’t expect others to get amazing shots like this one of James and I below: (joking). And on that last day, the weather was all-over-the-place. When we arrived in the Tyoga-area, so many clouds were comin’ in… The Eastern Sierras have such unpredictable conditions; that may even be the beauty of them. Vince, James, and I stopped at Lake Elery and prepared to get to our last stop of the trip: Saddlebag Lake.

Saddlebag was the first place I ever saw icebergs in person! It was so beautiful, crisp, and cold. As we hiked through the snow (yes, snow) to get a better view, I snapped a picture that I regard as the most beautiful photo from our weekend. Right after that photo, we sat down to take it all in… and, like a movie, the thunder roared and the rain began to fall. It was time to say our goodbye’s. So we dried off our wet clothes and drove on home…

I cannot draw

I hope all yall are staying tuned for the exciting wedding-related events coming up! James and I are so ready. And look for another upcoming post of our trip to Mammoth…soon, I promise!


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