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Weekend In BC, Mexico

Weekend In BC, Mexico Posted on 03/02/20173 Comments

MEXICO is such a beautiful place, through and through. And I don’t know about you guys, but I have only the best of times when I come to visit. We stayed with my tia Kathy in the cutest house in La Mision. That woman sure knows how to decorate! We were pretty much greeted with margaritas and horses from the beginning.  And so decided immediately to set up a ride with Erin at Horses by Jose book here! The day these photos were taken I used my Minolta, but I have other digital stories to tell, I will include that in a tribute to Baja post later this month!

In these photos we captured the beautiful brunch my auntie took us to.
I love the bright beach and the straw-cabana style umbrellas.
James and I visited the Rosarito Beach Hotel where everyone was congregated
in the dining hall. Of course, we snuck around the hotel and eventually found the beach
almost empty— and an amazing
pool – garden area. It was a lovely day I will happily
re-live with these colorful shots. Dreamy photography is somewhat imperfect;
but for me that’s the fun of learning. Film captures something real about these glorious desinations.
Do you guys have any plans for the weekend? Oh and PS: I had tacos like 9 times this trip and
am – just now – startin’ to burn off the margaritas, too. Haha OK. It doesnt work that way
but, lets just say I love Mexican food. And if you visit, don’t hold back!


  1. I love these photos!!! You are so talented at capturing the depth and color of Mexico.
    Go Ruby!

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