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Sierra Nevada Take-over

Sierra Nevada Take-over Posted on 10/17/20161 Comment

It is raining here at home and I’m eating a banana muffin just thinking
about our next trip…And missing James while he is at work, of course!
Mondays are kinda slow for me, so if you know what I mean – I’m posting today to help focus
forward as the beautiful weekend awaits! So, one week later, I am fully-recovered from our
amazing trips to Mammoth, June Lake, and the Eastern Yosemite NP.

When we are on limited time, James and I turn into “YES” people.
But this time we outdid ourselves, we “yes”‘d to everything – James even said yes to Yosemite, which
was a ways out of our way! The Eastern Sierras requires this “yes” attitude, though. No complaints.
Just living, and feeling every experience.

D A Y 1

Before I get started  I want to explain that there are mostly
35mm film photos included in this post. I hope you will notice the difference of these photos because
after six years with film photography, I am finally messing with the settings and understanding
their use for my style photography. I am by no means a pro, I have many hobbies and
film photography is just difficult enough to keep my hungry brain occupied and learning.
James’ grandpa gave me a Minolta camera with new lenses which really came in handy this trip!
Thanks Grandpa V!

The first day we just got acclimated to our Oh! Ridge Campsite,
walked to June lake, skipped rocks, drank some beers, and went home to cook…the stars that night were STELLAR, and we met our cute but wild Deer-neighbors.

June Lake
June Lake
Craft Beer gods
Craft Beer gods

October, crisp, misty, golden October, when the light is sweet and heavy. – Angela Carter, The Magic Toyshop

D A Y 2 The photos above are at Hartley Springs where we climbed for half a day. It was magnificent! This is one of my favorite new spots for climbing. The rocks are strong,
the views are beautiful at the top, and it does not require *too* much effort to
get around the crag. I climbed the Muffin Top boulders, and James did the tough stuff nearby.
So, we still felt incredibly hungry after finishing our
A.M exercise, and we headed off into town for some quench.
First we went down to the June Lake Brewery, which was in the middle of the forest alongside Gull Lake.
We had one beer there and set off to Mammoth Brew Company since we needed to get more firewood anyways. How convenient!
We hopped in the car, and just imagine us: we were romping around
listening with fast paced music, like we were living in fast forward altogether! We zoomed by the trees,  we ooh’d and  ahh’d until finally we hit the town after the highway.
Below you’ll see Mammoth Brewing’s bus which I fell in love with. Their beer is
radical and their food is probably the best in town. The staff were friendly. Some of those dudes are also climbers, and we talked a bit about local spots.
After we ate, James and I played cards
and sat outside on the patio where we ran into some friends.
Shout out to Ally and your group of backpackers!
JuneLakeBrewery MammothBrewCO

Day 3 came much too quickly. We enjoyed more climbing at the June Lake boulders, ate a big breakfast
and kept explorin’. This time to Gull Lake – and thanks to James we had the
best seat in the house! We -unknowingly -turned off a dirt road into a more
private parking area. There were a few people fishing on the banks of the lake
so naturally, we got as far away from them as possible. We saw this huge rock up ahead, it was really high and steep, but we brought our beers up there and watched the wind sweep over the water.
A few off moves and one could go overboard, but we stayed nestled
in the cracks of the granite — listened to some folk music and took some beautiful shots from
over head.
D A Y 3

Our weekend Fave.
Our weekend Fave.

Beautiful Autumn
Beautiful Autumn

D A Y 4

To Yosemite we go...
To Yosemite we go…

As he promised, James took me to Yosemite on the day we checked out of our campsite.
We entered Tuolumne Meadows (the East entrance) and walked about the park for about an hour and planned our next move on the map.
We were looking for Lake Tenaya because neither of us had been there and James owns
many pairs of climbing shoes by the brand Tenaya, so we wanted to see what
the magic was all about. Again we turned off a small road, private parking, walked through the woods
and as we popped out of the canopy, we were awe-struck. One of the most
magnificent gifts of nature is Lake Tenaya, indubitably!

Lake Elery 


We headed back from Yosemite but took the opportunity to stop, first, at Lake Elery before reluctantly going home.
The wind was intense, and of course we still climbed to the highest peak for a “photoshoot”.
The photo of me above, where my coat is flying behind me, was a moment of bliss.
The wind was so fast I thought I was going to fly away! I needed to hold on to
some granite for the rest of our pictures, so you can see me clinging on for dear life.
Unfortunately, shortly after witnessing this colossal roadside paradise, we had to pack up
and leave our earthly playground behind us.

Our trusty Blazer
Our trusty Blazer

Heading home is always a sad thing, but I am so happy for the opportunity to
enjoy adventures with my partner in crime.  Now that we are back we are connected and recharged,
a calmness that one can only know from being outside in nature.
Below are a couple iphone pictures that simply do not compare to film.
Thanks for reading! I hope if anything, our posts inspire movement and exploration.
Your body and mind will thank you when you get outside for some good, clean, fun.

Have a great week! I’ll be posting again
soon, as Joshua Tree season is upon us!

— Ruby

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