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Wedding Update +

Wedding Update + Posted on 10/05/20161 Comment


Update: November 4, 2017
Our big day is almost here! James and I are so excited, and he went to a really cool concert last night so its safe to say we are both ready and relaxed this weekend. If you haven’t hopped over to our wedding website, go ahead and look around: Ruby and James Wedding

Other than that, I’m here to report the weather! It will be mostly clear skies on 11/11, with a high of 70 and a low of 48. While the reception does not take place outdoors, I encourage you all to bring scarfs, gloves, coats – anything that makes you comfortable and prepared for cold weather. I’m happy to hear that most of us Orange Country people are actually excited for a change in temperature, and we will definitely get one in Idyllwild.
Just in case you forgot, check in is at 3 PM for Silver Pines Lodge and Creekstone Inn. Additionally, remember there is a meetup event on Friday 6 pm (11/10). It is not required you attend, but it will be a fun opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Dress warm and as if you were going to a party. You don’t need to be fancy.
I cannot wait to see my favorite friends and family next weekend for our intimate and homestyle wedding. Welcome to Idyll-Weird. This isn’t your average couple of love-birds, this is Ruby and James – let’s have some fun!

Peace + Love,

Update: September/13 / 2017

Hi dear ones,
James and I have sent out the wedding invitations… Expect to receive those soon.

This is our wedding website >>>> Ruby and James Wedding

There are a few things I want to touch on – especially if you’re at this site looking for some guidance. I know getting married in Idyllwild comes with complications and I want to help!

James and I went to Silver Pines Lodge just two days ago, where there are plenty of spots open for a reservation the weekend of our wedding. If you have not booked your spot, get on that! We will plan for a shuttle that drives people from SPL to the wedding venue.

Also, an evening of fun and socializing will be held at IDYology – a restaurant across from our wedding venue.
This is an optional meet-up, and is non-host. Which means we won’t be covering the bill! If you happen to be around Friday night at 6:30pm, drop by and say hello to the other wedding guests in town. IDYology is so magical inside. You’ll want to see what all the fuss is about!

If you have more questions, please reach me! My email >>>>>>

Update: August / 22 / 2017

Invites are soon-to-be out! Don’t fret. But please get your bookings or rooms for the night settled soon! Remember, Silver Pines Lodge has rooms blocked for the Verhague Wedding.  With some persistent requests (from Ruby’s mother) we have decided to make a formal wedding website. You can find it here: Ruby and James Wedding

If you click the link above, you’ll find more information about the day-of schedule, photos, stories, and our registry. There is even a “things to do” link in the website menu that allows you to view a map of the area. I suggest taking a peek at that thang! It will come in handy for those of you who are new to the area.

To go straight to our wedding registry click here: WEDDING REGISTRY

Update: May / 4 / 2017

Hi beloved friends and family! Here is the necessary information about the Verhague  Wedding.
Ok, for those whom wish to stay in Idyllwild from Friday (November 10, 2017)
until check out Sunday (November 12, 2017), please visit Silver Pines Lodge
where James has reserved 11 Rooms. They are so cute and cozy, I love them!

for that weekend (First come first serve). Please mention the Verhague-wedding before booking.
These rooms are not complimentary, please e-mail me if you have questions.
There are plenty of other hotels in Idyllwild that have openings but they did not allow a “room-block”.
IMPORTANT!  /¡ Importante ! : Email upon booking your room.

Our registry has 3 Tiers: Group Fund (for large purchases), Home Gifts (Traditional), and Outdoor Gifts.


General Plan of the Weekend 4-10 to 4-12
Friday Night Fun:
A very casual meet-up for Friday night is scheduled at 6PM at IDYology. Optional.
Saturday: The Wedding Day. A schedule will be sent with your formal invitations, these will require your RSVP. Thank you.
Sunday: Check-Out. Or if you feel like staying for more than two nights, the bride and groom will be in Idyllwild for the entire week after the wedding.

Dress Code: Semi Formal – Black Tie Optional. [November wedding, Expect a HIGH of 67° LOW of 40°]
Wedding Date: November, 11, 2017 —- 11.11.17
Ceremony Time: 3PM, Subject to Change.
Wedding Venue:  Creekstone Inn
Please use the contact form below if you have any questions. Or feel free to e-mail me.

For November 10, 11, and (AM) 12th,  The 10 rooms at Creekstone have been filled by immediate family. The exciting part for us is that the entire venue is “ours” for the weekend in the sense that it is not open to the public. If you are staying at the Creekstone, you will be aware of this and we will assign rooms. 

You can go climbing with us!
You can go climbing with us!

Food + Drinks
Idyology is across from the wedding venue. We will hold an optional “meet-up” here on Friday night.

Enjoy comfort food!
Enjoy comfort food, cocktails, and beer at IDYology.
Enjoy wine and craft beer at Idyllawhile
Enjoy wine and craft beer at Idyllawhile
Craft Beer Yall!
Craft Beer Yall!
Sunsets here are the best!
Sunsets here are the best!
Inspiration Point: no hike required.
Inspiration Point: no hike required.
The Camp Room
The Camp Room
Creekstone Inn (December snow fall)
Creekstone Inn (December snow fall)

Here are some pictures of the Creekstone! It is a warm cabin, decorated in comfort. I hope you all like it, too!


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  1. Hi guys, so I was trying to book a room or a spot and it was all closed off. Do I need to call the resort or is it all booked? I can book somewhere else. I just wanted to be sure. Xoxo

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