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Mammoth, CA

Mammoth, CA Posted on 09/05/2016Leave a comment

     Y’all know that Autumn is upon us, but we managed a trip to the Eastern Sierras just before the end of
Summer where we visited 9 lakes and recharged…
Going to Mammoth was a sort of finale, if you will, to the Summer freedoms that allowed us to explore new heights in love and life.
With a combined celebration of James’ 27th birthday and our anniversary, we headed North with euphoric disregard…
The drive was just like any other: singing at the top of our lungs, snacking heavily, yawning heavily- you know, the usual. But seeing the sunrise over No-Man’s Land? That never gets old.


James and I got to the Lake George campground around 10 a.m and immediately resorted
to plan B at Lake Mary Campground. It was packed, it was Friday morning, and it was f***ing glorious!
Beer caps started flyin off and we sniffed out our new home.

The next day we headed to the TJ lake crag using the Mammoth bouldering guidebook to get there.
James and I got to the Lake George parking lot very early and still saw fishermen setting up their
gear. But we got a spot and walked around the lake to find the trail.

The approach was moderate, much of it is uphill, with beautiful views while you trek.
Lake George > South to Lake Barrett > and then south east to TJ lake.
Once you’re there, search the boulders alongside the lake and get climbin’ !

James will be punished later for neglecting to take my photo while climbing,
but I got some amazing shots of him! I loved helping him climb this burly rock.
After our workout we walked home to cook a warm meal, watch the sunset,
and fall in love all over again.



The sunsets in Mammoth are spectacular  but the film leaked for this roll of Kodak Portra 400 we used, so many of our pictures did not come out.
Luckily, I managed some mental photographs.   The sound of the currents in the water pulled at our heartstrings and crickets started to chirp loudly. It was a calm, content night. But we had to head home early and prepare for another early day.
I set up the campfire before we enjoyed some long, loaded conversations and finally –
snuggled under the stars.


Next day. June lake. Early A.M, let’s go!
We both wished we could have spent more time at June Lake, but we came to climb.
So the only thing that went down was, some crazy approaches to some beautiful boulders.
This day was also “lake day”, at least that’s how we referred to it because lakes are awesome.
We spent the short time at June in the Ghetto. James got on stuff with wild names, like
“Dime Bag”.


Lake day was upon us: this was the day to grab our backpack-cooler and pack it with craft beer.
-To slip into our swimming gear. -To actually experience the major beauty surrounding us,
and enjoy it the way
children enjoy each day – like a novel voyage out to sea.


Our voyage could not have been any greater.  We walked into the marina and heard familiar reggae music. The stoner-kings working the
front desk offered us a free upgrade to a motorboat, and without hesitation, we accepted their offer!

The rest of the day was a magical blur. Feeling the mountain wind and seeing the sun sparkles dance
on the lake convinced me that James and I had attended church that morning.



We are so grateful for having time off work to spend among the pines.
On our last night we cried out for Elmer and listened to Trampled By Turtles.
The smoke from the campfire kept us hyper at night.

The next day we drank our Jet boil coffee, said goodbye to the lake and the forest, and set off to go home.
This trip was among the top 5 for James and I. Birthdays and anniversaries should be honored, and
what better way than to go back to the place our friendship started?
I hope James’ birthday wishes came true in Mammoth, and perhaps soon we will
come back to enjoy yet another milestone in our intimate lives!

Before I go, I want to mention a few things: James and I have taken so many trips
to Idyllwild (especially this month) that I wanted to mix it up and do some posts on trips from earlier this year that went under the radar. Also, we want to do a giveaway so please feel free to comment
and answer, “What items/products are generally good for men and women, people who love outdoors activities, and people who care about the environment?”

When we decide our giveaway we will announce the rules on my Instagram and on our Facebook page, find the link on the homepage!

Thanks for readin’ I hope everyone has a great week back from vacation!


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