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We’re Engaged!

We’re Engaged! Posted on 07/25/2016

It all happened after a day of rock climbing at the South Ridge boulders. James insisted on a hike to suicide rock.

This hike is awesome, but after exerting myself I wanted to relax and frankly— drink a beer.

James bought me an energy drink saying that we should really go and do this hike, and I huffed and puffed about it. That was until James bought beer to bring on the trail! Shh… Don’t tell anyone.

Once James and I reached the magnificent peak of suicide rock, I wandered around a bit to take pictures. He was asking me to hurry and come to this “special” rock. He was being pushy! And I’ll never forget how after slipping down the rocks to get to James, we faced each other and it felt like he needed to tell me something.

Once he was down on his knee I knew what was going on and I immediately felt shocked (in a good way) and smiled like a goober the entire time he was talking. I said YES, of course!

The fact that this man had taken out a turquoise ring, put in on my finger, brought me to our love mountain, and asked me to be his wife still gives me butterflies (also in a good way).

4 Months later, our engagement party is underway, so here is some info that I will undeniably be relevant throughout this journey toward matrimony.

When is the wedding? October 2017

Where is the wedding? Idyllwild California. We have been here over 20 times together in the passed two years and it is safe to say… We fell in love here!

How long have you been dating? We were engaged at 1 year and a half. It will be two years in August.

Religious Wedding? I want a secular wedding although I am religious, I am not part of a religion with traditional wedding practices like Christianity. Short answer: No. 

Small or big? Small! My family and friends are so important to me. I believe having a small wedding bonds the family together.

Wedding Court? Not exactly. I intended to have no one in the bridal party because I personally do not like bridesmaids and putting them through the cost-machine. However, I made one exception to my best friend, Paige, and she is the maid of honor. It was a no brainer! She is my sister from another mister. Furthermore, My mother, my sister Victoria, and my other best friends all know that they are people I could not live without. they are still my support team for wedding stuff, I think they appreciate my decision to just have one “official” Maid. 

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Why the weird ring? Ok so, no one has said my ring is weird. I am ascribing that characteristic to it because that’s why I love it! Im a philosophy major. I’ve focused my ideas on understanding women, ethics, and race politics. While doing research on Native Women and our colonization, I developed a profound connection with tribal law, philosophy, and tradition. My ring was handmade by a genuine Navajo inlay jeweler. Wearing this ring is spiritually stimulating for me. I love it. 

One major thing I want to brag about is how James and I share many friends. This has made an intimate wedding possible! All of our friends have known each other for years, some as young as kindergarten, and I am forever grateful for his circle of guys and their support in our happiness. My girlfriends are pretty close with James, too.  My bestfriend Stephanie calls James her new bestfriend. I love what this wedding represents: not only the joining of two lives, but dozens of lives! As we mesh the family, it gets bigger and stronger. We could not enjoy life without love from others. Thank you friends and family for being there for us! We love you.

Stay updated Via the subscription box on the home page. Our party is 7.30.16, and I will be sharing photos soon!

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