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How we dealt with rain in Big Sur

How we dealt with rain in Big Sur Posted on 06/03/2016

    For campers and tourists visiting Big Sur or another part of Monterrey County, sunny skies are idyllic. But you can’t control the weather, and sometimes you must reserve a Big Sur campsite well-before you can check the weather for that weekend.

So do not fret, get prepared and make the most of it! James and I hit the road in Orange County and did not see rain until we hit Ventura, we were aware that the weather in Big Sur was really a toss-up because coastal atmospheres fluctuate. But even with a chance of sunshine we came prepared. I highly recommend bringing ponchos so you can frolic around without worrying about the “wet”. That said, bring your adventurous spirit and have fun!

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I made a Pinterest board of (less obvious) things to bring outdoors during a rainy weekend. I’ve learned the hard way so that you don’t have to.
When James and I got to Carmel (we went up and around, instead of straight through Highway 1) we noticed the rain had let up, so we decided to skip putting up camp and went straight to Point Lobos State Reserve to take advantage of the sun.

We were right in doing that because once we got to camp, the wind and some sprinkles started again.

Here are our photos of Point Lobos:

After Point Lobos State Reserve, we set up camp. Which involved a battle with an easy-up, a windy fire starting, and then finally, we enjoyed an ice cold beer (or several) while listening to Deathcab for Cutie.

This is where the E-Z Up comes in! Protect your campsite with one of these badboys, and be smart about securing it using bungee chords or heavy objects on the base of each leg. In conditions such as wind and rain, an E-Z Up can topple over your site. Lame!

The fire was hard to light due to the moisture so I also reccommend some lighter fluid. A fire can be lit without it but spare yourself the task if you’re cold, just get to warm in’ up.


We went searching the surrounding woodlands for a waterfall amongst the trees…Found it! Julia Pfieffer Burns SP has many easy to moderate hikes near camp.

Ragged point + Sam Simeon on the way home

There’s a trail down the bluffs to Ragged Point, it’s easy to find via Googlemaps. In the parking you will see some shops and a café, keep walking until you hit a sign that says “hiking trail” “coastal access” and make your down to the BEAUTIFUL WATERFALL! I loved this spot because it’s a river that leads to the ocean, the place where the forest and the coast are in direct contact.

All in all, shoobiez gotta eat and seize shoobie-photo opportunities! I will always remember this trip as that time James hacked his ankle with an ax and managed to muscle through to enjoy a marvelous weekend with me! Scars are just testimates to a life well-lived, right?

I may include a separate post with some film photos of the central coast- more to come!