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Nature Girls

Nature Girls Posted on 10/15/2015

Gotta love a girls day!

My very best friend, Stephanie, and I have always been active together- there was a short time where we were party buddies, but we grew from that and she turned into my adventure buddy. (Not to say we don’t enjoy a beer, we just don’t do it in high heels anymore.)

She called me up saying, “Every time I come down people just want to drink or go to Vegas- lets go on a hike! I’ll drive!”

She’s from Carmel Valley, doin’ her own thing. Since she’s moved away from Orange County, she’s flourished and become more accustomed to the mountain-life.

So I suggested something new for her…A walk in the woods of Humber Park, Idyllwild. We packed our yoga gear, I grabbed my climbing shoes and we headed out to get some girls time outside!

Once we got there I had to show her around the town because it is my future home and I really feel comfortable talking to the various friendly faces at the shops, James and I have talked to them before. We grabbed a bite and hit the trail.
Spent a long time on the trail because we did some yoga, hung out on the rocks and set up a spot just for us to relax.

Talking to Stephanie, I realized it was auntumn and we laughed over our past Halloween festivities: carving pumpkins, smashing those pumpkins, watching American Horry Story, and baking love apples.

On this trip I explained to Steph how much I loved her. I told her I was lucky to have a girlfriend to hang out and feel great with. It seems too often girls want to compete with me, and as a result they put me down to level the playing field. I told her,

“I don’t need that from friends. I need to be lifted up so we can do more together! Just like you do to me…”

It’s good to have someone, anyone, by your side throughout your changing life supporting you.

Whether I was singing in the jazz band, or learning to bake, or getting outside more with James- Steph encourages me to keep going.

Anyways, I’m rambling….

We enjoyed the strong mountain winds on this day, it felt very crisp and cool. But the hike back up the trail was blazing because we just wanted to lay down- but, I kept reminding her that a beer was at the end of this rainbow; we walked urgently to the bistro and enjoyed two brews on the patio. It’s a tradition, after all!

Here’s some pictures of the beautiful day,

also there’s some on my Instagram@badmoon.siren