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•October• Posted on 10/02/2015

Such beauty is the fall. 

I and my friend, Stephanie, went on an adventure yesterday- our mission to get a workout and enjoy the changing colors. 

High in the mountains we hiked for a few hours, enjoyed some beers in the village, and hiked again up to a flat dirt patch with a view of Taquitz peak. Stephanie led us in a yoga session. As the wind flew by our faces and lifted our hair, I sensed a visitor, sweet yet deadly.

Autumn brings calmness but it also brings change; and for that reason it is regarded by many cultures to be the best time for sprituality, emotions, and artistic ventures.

I am one of those people who loves the autumn, especially October, especially Hallows eve. I am not a lover of PSL (pumpkin spice latte) but, I’ve studied the history, the lore and the literature surrounding Fall’s magnificence. I hope that this month, I am welcome to share things I know about Harvest & All Saints day. 

James and I will continue to post our outdoor exploration, but while we are home I’m going to post folklore, recipes, & crafts ALL in the name of adventure or health. 

Festivies are fun! Happy October