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Home Posted on 09/02/2015

  For us, Idyllwild is home. Though we have yet to own any property in the area, we go there and feel familiar, not in a mundane way – more a sense of belonging. 

Nuzzled atop the San Jacinto mountains, this town is filled with as many beautiful art pieces as it is with magnificent mountain landscapes. The locals here are intellectual with a major sense of adventure, and there is a constant presence of the native spirit brought here by the Cahuilla Indian tribe. 

There are legends for each peak of these mountains, and so the respect for this terrain and its powerful forces is still alive and well today. Something interesting about Idyllwild is that the natives used to ‘vacation’ here to escape the dry heat of the desert. Not long after, white people came here to vacation too and since then it has a predominantly “fun” atmosphere: live music, lots of beer and wine, art festivals, and farmers markets. 

James and I have made the short trip up to Idyllwild so many times now, I’ve lost track. I thought it would be fun to introduce these mountains before we post diary-like experiences from each trip. 

For the most part, we have a routine when we head here: hike for a few hours, get settled into our sleeping quarters, go out to eat, meet awesome people, stay up too late, and wake up to the crisp mountain air. Although it seems like all we do is relax while we are here, I have a real ambition to become part of the community and preserve this wilderness-town. 

From our most recent trip, I’ve posted these pictures to show off the beauty that is Idyllwild; our home – well, our second home for now… 

Enjoy! There’s many more photos from The San Jacinto to come. And once James takes me to Black Mountain, we will definitely be back to write about that experience. 
Happy Traveling,

— Ruby 


trail to taquitz
james’ climbin hands
walking to town
wake up to beauty
having a beer at our favorite, Idyology

music during dinner