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Don’t Waste Your Heart on a Wild Thing

Don’t Waste Your Heart on a Wild Thing Posted on 08/05/2015

On Monday, I had an intense desire to see something beautiful. I called up some friends and as it turned out, no one was up for a turn around trip to the Coast. I felt like such a loner driving through traffic with no one by my side. I longed for someone to talk to and appreciate my company.  Instead, the only companions I had were the meanies on the freeway!

I had been so fixated on the idea of hanging with friends that I felt alone among a ‘sea’ of tourists and umbrella-bearing shoobies. They were having such a great time with their families and friends. I walked the pier and wondered why I was such an outcast. It wasn’t until I left the big beach that I realized being away from others wasn’t a curse; rather it was an escape. And once I found the cove, I was free.

There is a beach near Corona Del Mar that is hidden from the street and protected by the state of California for its tide pools, teeming with life, and its precious cliffs.  I had gone here only once before when I took an Oceanography class – we met at a different beach every week. Which was awesome (obviously).

I found a section of the beach that no one was near and it didn’t take long for me to see why : the waves were strong here, along with the water hitting high onto the sand.  I felt like getting to higher ground – if not for the view, then for the protection of my feet. I didnt want to swim with jagged rocks beneath me.

I hit the cliffs and climbed onto one just high enough for a gorgeous view and it stuck out into the ocean so that I could see the shore behind me. I felt special, like I was the only one seeing the waves in all their perfection.  As each one hit, I could feel the energy of the water accompanied by a spray of salty mist. Pure magnificence.

The rush of viewing waves crashing from cliffs is one of my favorite experiences. Sand on your feet, crusty salty hair, the Sun dancing like diamonds on the water. It’ll make you feel alive.

I am a wild thing. I am attached to nature and going beyond my comfort level to feel things that ordinary life does not provide. I do have a sense of fear and I try my hardest to overcome it. I appreciate living, but that doesn’t mean I wont take any risks. Dont waste your heart on a wild thing, our souls are never settled. We are constantly seeking.

I encourage everyone to go outside and do something Wild.

—- Ruby Flores

Crashing Waves