Joshua Tree

Happy Mid-Week, y’all!
We went to Joshua Tree a couple weeks ago, and the film we developed
came out super-muy-beautiful!
We had a blast scrambling around the rocks, as is imperative when navigating through the desert, but
mainly we came in search of Leather and Lace on the Phantom Cart Boulder. Turns out working this problem  is as masochistic as the name implies [its domineering character]! Gotta hand it to James for donating skin and assuring me
he’ll be back to crush it…

Day 1 was rainy and cloudy, but day 2 was sunny and hot. So, I got a nice range of
light that made for some dreamy photography that weekend!
Our days were pretty laid-back, morning sessions followed by exploring and
eating burgers; it’s a tradition.

I’m keeping this one short + sweet because there is a lot going on
this week. For Thanksgiving we are visiting family and friends in Baja, Mexico, so be
sure to check back with us soon! I hope everyone has a great time with
their loved ones: Let us be grateful for every blessing in our life.
We shot film in the desert.

Leather and Lace

Leather and Lace

img_3244 Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Impaler Mantle

Impaler Mantle

KD SUPREME problem at the Miledi Boulder
Thanks for readin’. Love your friends, Ruby and James. 



Hello Everyone,

To stand with our Water Protectors in solidarity from afar, please visit the attached links and donate. To minimize trash, please ship in groups with family and friends.

Please help our Water Protectors stand strong and stay warm!


Gently, we howl at the stars together.
Gently,we swallow each other whole.

 Emily Palermo, Love in the Time of Monsters

Sierra Nevada Take-over

It is raining here at home and I’m eating a banana muffin just thinking
about our next trip…And missing James while he is at work, of course!
Mondays are kinda slow for me, so if you know what I mean – I’m posting today to help focus
forward as the beautiful weekend awaits! So, one week later, I am fully-recovered from our
amazing trips to Mammoth, June Lake, and the Eastern Yosemite NP.

When we are on limited time, James and I turn into “YES” people.
But this time we outdid ourselves, we “yes”‘d to everything – James even said yes to Yosemite, which
was a ways out of our way! The Eastern Sierras requires this “yes” attitude, though. No complaints.
Just living, and feeling every experience.

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Wedding Update + Explore Idyllwild, CA


Hey Y’all! I wanted to write a short and sweet
update on our wedding plans! Here is some info we know. Take a look at our pictures and
their captions to learn a bit more about the town of Idyllwild, CA

Important Details *****
Dress Code: Semi Formal – Black Tie Optional. [November wedding, Expect a H I G H of 67° low of 40°]
Wedding Date: November, 11, 2017 —- 11.11.17
Ceremony Time: 3PM, Subject to Change. However, just walk down stairs to the reception! Yessssssss
Wedding Venue:  Creekstone Inn
Please Email me, or Paige Acuña,, with Questions.
It is imperative to communicate with me or Paige about places to stay. We may be able to provide you with options that can cut costs, or at the very least can recommend places nearby with great reputations!
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Mammoth, CA

     Y’all know that Autumn is upon us, but we managed a trip to the Eastern Sierras just before the end of
Summer where we visited 9 lakes and recharged…
Going to Mammoth was a sort of finale, if you will, to the Summer freedoms that allowed us to explore new heights in love and life.
With a combined celebration of James’ 27th birthday and our anniversary, we headed North with euphoric disregard…
The drive was just like any other: singing at the top of our lungs, snacking heavily, yawning heavily- you know, the usual. But seeing the sunrise over No-Man’s Land? That never gets old.

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The Climb Stopper

My Experience with Medial Epicondylitis

For anyone who has ever experienced tendon pain caused by climbing they know the feeling: the trademark dull ache that raises eyebrows and worsens without intervention. I have experienced the many ups and downs of medial epicondylitis (AKA golfer’s elbow).

The first piece of advice I can give is: be patient. Look online and educate yourself. Many health practitioners are eager to call the condition tendonitis. They will tell you to ice it, rest, take anti-inflammatory meds , and send you packing. The truth is you probably don’t have inflammation in your elbow. Therefore, you don’t have tendonitis. If you have a burning fire like sensation in the joint then you many have tendonitis, and what is mentioned above is good advice. If you have a persistent dull ache while warming up, during, or after climbing then you more than likely have a form of tendonosis.

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We’re Engaged!

It all happened after a day of rock climbing at the South Ridge boulders. James insisted on a hike to suicide rock.

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Kansas City 35mm

The gangs all here! Took a trip to Kansas City Misouri to meet the rest of the Verhague family.

After this trip, some of James’ personality traits were identified to be “in the blood”. A full head of hair, and a charming sense of humor must run in the family!

Here are some of our favorite 35mm Kodak Portra shots. Enjoy, and hopefully this inspires some of those to go visit the beautiful Midwest.

How we dealt with rain in Big Sur

    For campers and tourists visiting Big Sur or another part of Monterrey County, sunny skies are idyllic. But you can’t control the weather, and sometimes you must reserve a Big Sur campsite well-before you can check the weather for that weekend.

So do not fret, get prepared and make the most of it! James and I hit the road in Orange County and did not see rain until we hit Ventura, we were aware that the weather in Big Sur was really a toss-up because coastal atmospheres fluctuate. But even with a chance of sunshine we came prepared. I highly recommend bringing ponchos so you can frolic around without worrying about the “wet”. That said, bring your adventurous spirit and have fun! Continue reading

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